Conservative News and the Media

The headlines from conservative news sources continue to call out many of the same issues that they’ve talked about for several years now.  Is anyone reading about what’s going on?  There’s more to the news that what the primary media outlets are telling you!

Here are the news articles from a recent Conservative Byte newsletter.  How many of these topics have you read about and understand enough to have a conversation with a neighbor or coworker?  Check out these articles to learn more.  Subscribe to newsletters such as Conservative Byte to stay informed on these and many more key issues.  Don’t be blindsided!


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  1. The only one I had any interest in pursuing, due to the provocative title, was the last link. Turns out it’s pure dreck written by ex-SNL chick Victoria Jackson, a failed entertainer who at age 54 still dresses like she’s 15. Shades of Baby Jane!

  2. Thanks. That’s exactly the point. People aren’t interested in reading what’s going on in the world and will be surprised when things “suddenly” are different down the road. We are in a transition period that will dramatically affect America’s future. And why discard an article full of valid points because you don’t like the way the author dresses? Does that somehow make the points less true?

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