Cancer News & Treatment Options

Over the last few years, several people close to us have battled cancer.  From the news reports available, the standard cancer treatments have a very low success rate.  Research into alternative treatments are quite common, but it’s time-consuming to screen through all the suggestions and anecdotes to determine which direction to go.  This article will provide a list of people and organizations that appear to be reputable and supported by a wide variety of medical doctors.

As we’ve researched health and nutrition, natural/nutrition-based/alternative cancer prevention and remedies keep coming up. We struggle with so many people we know getting cancer and just blindly following traditional treatments that are usually worse than the illness.  Something about the stress of the crisis causes many people to be close-minded.  It’s important to be able to offer proven suggestions to those willing to listen, read and ask questions.

Here are some resources on cancer treatments & prevention, health, and general nutrition.


Cancer-Specific Web Sites

Health-Related Web Sites (and Newsletters)

Talk Shows / DVDs / Podcasts

Questions to Research

  • What is a PET scan & how does it work?
  • How often does traditional chemo-‘therapy’ / radiation ‘cure’ cancer?
  • What is the survival rate of those who get traditional treatment?
  • What role does nutrition play in overcoming cancer?
  • What is the primary cause of death for cancer patients?
  • What lifestyle habits affect the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis?
  • How do cancer cells react to sugar?  …to vitamin C?

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