How Should Christians Vote?

What campaign issues are important?  What issues should be important?

To those who call themselves Christians, when looking at election candidates on the issues, what could possibly trump preserving the life of unborn children, preserving marriage as God laid out in Genesis 2, and preserving the right for Christians to teach and speak what the Bible says? 

Just looking at those issues should cause us to forget about or set aside the unrelenting spending and debt issues that we’re warned about in Proverbs 22, forget about the socialist agendas that are so clearly unscriptural, forget about world government and the eroding United States sovereignty. 

Help us understand what issues could be more important enough to vote for anyone supported by the Democrat party when they are so staunchly, diametrically opposed to these simple Biblical principles.

We know that minds are already made up for this election, but it helps to understand how decisions were reached.

For those interesting in learning more about the issues and where candidates stand, please see this list of voting guides.


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