Food Supply Documentaries

If you’re able to set aside 90 minutes today, we recommend watching this documentary movie about the food supply: It can make for some interesting discussions. It’s available for free today.

We’re slowly learning about issues with the food we eat, starting with Food Inc ( a few years ago, the Food Revolution TV series last year (, earlier this year watching Cancer is Curable Now (, moving on the Forks Over Knives ( a few months ago, and now Genetic Roulette ( We are interested in your thoughts.

So here’s the latest one in the series that’s supposed to only be available for free through today, Genetic Roulette, on GMOs, Monsanto and the health crisis that seems to follow GMO farming:


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  1. I’ve seen most of these amazing documentaries, but not the one you first listed; definitely got to check it out, and thanks for all the suggestions:)

    • Glad you’re keeping up with this information! Even after watching these, it’s still hard to think that we need to work hard to eat healthy, and that this information isn’t mentioned more consistently in the news.

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