2012 Election Voter Guides

Here are a few voter guides for the 2012 presidential election that are available in a concise summary or table format.  These voter guides contrast the positions of the Democrat and Republican parties or candidates.  Some of these just show presidential candidates and others have state-specific information on the candidates.  We’ll continue to add to the list as more guides are available.

“In Their Own Words” – National Party Platforms (PoliticalResponsibility.com)

2012 Values Voter Presidential Voter Guide (FRCAction.org)

2012 Values Voter Republican Presidential Voter Guide (Republican candidate overview – Beliefnet.com / FRCAction.org)

2012 Presidential Voter Guide (PriestsForLife.org)

2012 Democratic and Republican party platforms (PriestsForLife.org)

VoteEasy Candidate Selection Tool (VoteSmart.org)

Christian Voter Guides for each state (ChristianVoterGuide.com)


Christian Coalition of America – State and Federal Voter Guides (cc.org)


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