‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Passes Senate 93-7

You may have missed this further erosion of American rights granted to us in the Constitution that occurred last week.  It wasn’t a headline on any news sources that I saw over the weekend.

The Senate last night codified into law the power of the U.S. military to indefinitely detain an American citizen with no charge, no trial and no oversight whatsoever with the passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act.

One amendment that would have specifically blocked the measures from being used against U.S. citizens was voted down and the final bill was passed 93-7.

Another amendment introduced by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein that attempted to bar the provision from being used on American soil, an effort to ensure “the military won’t be roaming our streets looking for suspected terrorists,” also failed, although Feinstein voted in favor of the bill anyway.

Feinstein was able to include a largely symbolic amendment which states that “nothing in the bill changes current law relating to the detention of U.S. citizens and legal aliens,” but this measure is meaningless according to Republican Congressman Justin Amash, a fierce critic of the bill.

It’s surprising that this was passed be an overwhelming margin, and the 7 votes against it were a mixture of Democrat, Republican and Independent senators.  The article even mentions that an Obama veto was even possible:

Though the White House has threatened to veto the bill, the fact that Obama administration lawyers yesterday reaffirmed their backing for state sponsored assassination of U.S. citizens would suggest otherwise. Not voting for the bill, or in other words upholding the oath to protect the Constitution, has been described over and over again as “political suicide”.

Did the senators in favor of this not understand that the vagueness of the bill is a threat to all Americans?

The full article can be found via Prison Planet.com » ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Passes Senate 93-7.

Updated: Another perspective of this issue from Judge Andrew Napolitano can be found here:  Can Congress steal your constitutional freedoms?


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