Cloud Storage and File Synchronization

Comparison of Online File Storage and Synchronization Tools

Looking for a good cloud storage solution, preferably with automatic synchronization?  We’ve been testing so many options that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are good and bad.  (Our definition of “good” is free with a large amount of space.)  Here’s some information on the various web site options that may be used for computer backups, synchronizing files across multiple devices, sharing files with others, or even collaborating using online shared documents.   Note that where available, the links below include a referral code.

Compare Sites and Features

Free Space
Max Size (Home Usage)
Web Site
Upload Type
Sugar Sync 5GB 50GB More space added with referrals
Quick & easy upload of selected folder(s)
Feature comparison chart
Box 5GB 500GB Unable to consistently upload multiple folders; support just sends the same 3 ideas to try, none of which work.  Rumor has it that the business account sync works okay.
50GB free for HP Touchpad users
SkyDrive 5GB N/A File storage and sharing, upload files (no bulk upload) manual
MS Live 5GB N/A File storage and sharing, sync folders; this uses the same login as SkyDrive, and automatic synchronization can be added using Windows Mesh Live automated
Dropbox 2GB 100GB File storage and sharing, sync folders automated
Mozy 2GB 125GB File storage and sharing automated
Zoho N/A N/A File storage & sharing, more online applications than google docs, but more cumbersome to use manual

This is a work in progressPost a comment or send a message if you have new tools or updated information.


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