Haiti Travel Information

For those of you who travel frequently on mission trips, particularly to Haiti, this may have some useful information for you.  Here are some notes about our preparation processes and products that we use when traveling to Haiti and other countries.

CDC Information

Travel Prep

Travel Supplies

Organizations Working in Haiti


Internet Gems: Leadership Audio Books

There are often hidden gems of information on the internet.  One of those gems was recently discovered on YouTube in the form of free self-help audio books.  There are books on leadership, public speaking, business and sales.  Books from authors like John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Jack Canfield are among the most downloaded audio books.  Check out the amazing list of free audio books here and another list is here.

Are they legal?  That’s a great question.  If they weren’t legal, would YouTube continue to distribute them?  It’s likely that they would be liable for distributing copyrighted material.  With nearly 30,000 subscribers and 1.3 million views, it’s not like these books are a secret that only a few people know where to find.

If the links no longer work, then we can guess that the books were not posted legally.  If you choose to listen to any of them and like what you hear, I would strongly encourage you to buy an official copy (even if it’s used) and support the author.


Resources for Non-Profit Organizations – Free and Discounted Products & Services

We work with many people who strive to improve the lives and well-being of others without wanting or expecting monetary rewards for themselves.  The creation of a non-profit organization is a common way to minimize the tax money given to the government in that situation and has other benefits as well.  There are many products and services that are provided for free or heavily discount for non-profit organizations.

Do you have (or support) a not-for-profit organization that could use products and services that can’t afford to buy or build?  Some resources are freely available to 501(c)(3) organizations in order to assist them in doing their charitable work.  The list below contains some of those resources that you may find valuable. Read the rest of this entry

Conservative News and the Media

The headlines from conservative news sources continue to call out many of the same issues that they’ve talked about for several years now.  Is anyone reading about what’s going on?  There’s more to the news that what the primary media outlets are telling you!

Here are the news articles from a recent Conservative Byte newsletter.  How many of these topics have you read about and understand enough to have a conversation with a neighbor or coworker?  Check out these articles to learn more.  Subscribe to newsletters such as Conservative Byte to stay informed on these and many more key issues.  Don’t be blindsided!

Cancer News & Treatment Options

Over the last few years, several people close to us have battled cancer.  From the news reports available, the standard cancer treatments have a very low success rate.  Research into alternative treatments are quite common, but it’s time-consuming to screen through all the suggestions and anecdotes to determine which direction to go.  This article will provide a list of people and organizations that appear to be reputable and supported by a wide variety of medical doctors.

As we’ve researched health and nutrition, natural/nutrition-based/alternative cancer prevention and remedies keep coming up. We struggle with so many people we know getting cancer and just blindly following traditional treatments that are usually worse than the illness.  Something about the stress of the crisis causes many people to be close-minded.  It’s important to be able to offer proven suggestions to those willing to listen, read and ask questions.

Here are some resources on cancer treatments & prevention, health, and general nutrition. Read the rest of this entry

Haitian Creole Resources (updated 8/2015)

Haiti FlagIf you’re ready to go to Haiti and would like to learn the language before you go (highly recommended), here are some resources that will help.  All of these sites have free resources available.  Some are completely free and others have a subset of free tools.  We would like to make this a comprehensive list of good resources, so please let us know in the comments if you have other favorites!

Pimsleur Audio Lessons (first lesson is free)

Basic Creole Lessons by New Missions (7 free lessons)
http://creole.newmissions.org Read the rest of this entry

How Should Christians Vote?

What campaign issues are important?  What issues should be important?

To those who call themselves Christians, when looking at election candidates on the issues, what could possibly trump preserving the life of unborn children, preserving marriage as God laid out in Genesis 2, and preserving the right for Christians to teach and speak what the Bible says? 

Just looking at those issues should cause us to forget about or set aside the unrelenting spending and debt issues that we’re warned about in Proverbs 22, forget about the socialist agendas that are so clearly unscriptural, forget about world government and the eroding United States sovereignty. 

Help us understand what issues could be more important enough to vote for anyone supported by the Democrat party when they are so staunchly, diametrically opposed to these simple Biblical principles.

We know that minds are already made up for this election, but it helps to understand how decisions were reached.

For those interesting in learning more about the issues and where candidates stand, please see this list of voting guides.

Fair Trade Thoughts

Have you ever wondered about what the “Fair Trade” buzz is all about? It’s interesting what you find in the dictionary when you look up “Fair Trade”. For example, the reference.com dictionary says, “to sell (a commodity) under a fair-trade agreement.”  That’s not very helpful, so looking up “fair-trade agreement” you’ll see, “an agreement (illegal in the United States) between the manufacturer of a trademarked item of merchandise and its retail distributors to sell the item at a price at or above the price set by the manufacturer” (emphasis added). Wikipedia also has some thought-provoking information like, “The Fair trade industry does not reveal how much of this is the extra price charged for Fairtrade goods, or how much of the extra price reaches the producer.”  Isn’t Fair Trade supposed to be all about justly compensating the workers and avoiding sweat-shop-style working conditions?  Is this just a total marketing scam that enriches the labeling organizations like Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Network of European Worldshops, European Fair Trade Association(EFTA), Fair Trade Federation, Fair Trade USA, and Fairtrade International (to name a few)?

Is this “movement” similar to organizations like the American Cancer Society that has no interest in curing cancer because there’s an entire industry built around donations towards their cause?  Nobody seems to know; there’s not any clear evidence on either side.

“The 13 Heresies in The Shack” – Leading the Way with Michael Youssef

The author of The Shack, Paul Young, amazingly is still speaking at “churches” around the country, so we revived a document compiled by Leading the Way with Michael Youssef that includes book references and contrasting Biblical truth.  The full video of the talk by Michael Youssef is available here: http://vimeo.com/4479699.  The Way of the Master radio show talked about Michael Youssef’s teaching and there’s a  short audio clip of just the list of heresies with Todd Friel adding some insight and analysis along the way.  That clip is available on youtube.  Here’s another perspective of the book by Eric Barger and Take a Stand.

“The 13 Heresies in  The Shack” – Leading the Way with Michael Youssef (www.leadingtheway.org) Read the rest of this entry

Food Supply Documentaries

If you’re able to set aside 90 minutes today, we recommend watching this documentary movie about the food supply: http://geneticroulettemovie.com. It can make for some interesting discussions. It’s available for free today.

We’re slowly learning about issues with the food we eat, starting with Food Inc (http://www.foodincmovie.com) a few years ago, the Food Revolution TV series last year (www.hulu.com/jamie-olivers-food-revolution), earlier this year watching Cancer is Curable Now (http://www.canceriscurablenow.tv), moving on the Forks Over Knives (http://www.forksoverknives.com) a few months ago, and now Genetic Roulette (http://geneticroulettemovie.com). We are interested in your thoughts.

So here’s the latest one in the series that’s supposed to only be available for free through today, Genetic Roulette, on GMOs, Monsanto and the health crisis that seems to follow GMO farming: http://geneticroulettemovie.com